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What if we need help during the competition?

At all times between there will be a consultant present. These are faculty or other professionals with field-specific knowledge of the dataset. They all have different areas of expertise, so if you get stuck on something, ask someone else later. Feel free to ask anything. This is not an exam, but a collaborative competition. Do not expect the consultants to write code for you or do data management, etc. They are there to help point you in the right direction, but you’re responsible for getting there on your own. The schedule of consultants will be made available at the beginning of the event.

Do I have to be in Roger Bacon all the time?

You can come and go as you please, but all work must be completed on-premises. One benefit of working in RB is the possibility of winning prizes in any number of our mini games throughout the competition.

Can we collaborate with other teams?

DataFest is a competition, but a friendly one, so collaboration between teams is not only allowed but highly encouraged.

Why is the dataset secret?

ASA DataFest is a nationwide competition. This year, parallel events are being held at 44 other locations, with participation from a total of 93 colleges and universities. Each participating college hosts the event during the time period that begins with the third weekend in March and ends with the first weekend in May. We have to keep the data source secret until after the last ASA DataFest event (April 28, 2024). 

How do we submit our analysis?

The presentation must be emailed to by 12:30 pm on Sunday. Along with your presentation, you will also turn in a one-page write-up of your project. You can think about this as the text of your presentation. The judges will refer to these during deliberation.

How do we present our results?

Each team will have 5 minutes to present their findings to the judges. The 5-minute time limit will be strictly enforced. All team members must be present for the presentation, but not all team members need to actually speak (given the time limitation).

What are the prizes?

Each participant will get a free DataFest 2024 @ Siena t-shirt at the registration! Prizes are awarded in three categories: Best in Show, Best Visualization, and Best Use of External Data. Winners will receive achievement certificates, 1-year American Statistics Association student membership, and surprise gifts.