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DataFest 2024 @ Siena has been completed. See you in 2025.

Mark your Calendar for March 21-24, 2025

Join us for a fun and friendly data analysis challenge.

At DataFest, you’ll get a chance to get creative with data and mingle with professionals from industry and academia.
Compete for prizes and glory!
And we’ll be providing free food throughout the weekend!

What is DataFest?

In short, DataFest is an annual, campus-wide, friendly competition between small teams of undergraduates, giving them a chance to work on real-world data and all of its challenges. This allows students to work with data that does not fall within the academic setting. They will also get the opportunity to meet and have discussions with professionals in industry and academia. DataFest participants have no knowledge of the data prior to the start of the event on Friday evening and are given 48 hours to find meaning in a large, complex data set. This setting allows teams to bond and is an opportunity to hang out with friends while gaining experience. Throughout the weekend, students can win small prizes for mini data analysis challenges and get to enjoy free food provided by our sponsors. On Sunday after lunch, teams compete in front of a panel of judges for prizes in categories ranging from Best Insight, Best Visualization, and Best Use of External Data.

For more information, visit and FAQ

Registration is now open! To register, please use the link below.